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December 7, 2010
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× redesign by duckgoesoink redesign by duckgoesoink
[UPDATE] Didn't realize people were viewing this. I've now uploaded some of the other pages I'm working on so people can see how it's going / give feedback (please be nice!). :-)

[UPDATE] An example of a downloads page is here.

[UPDATE] An example of the design with featured artwork inserted is here.

This is my submission to the Inkscape Call for Designs. It's based on the old layout I did last time, but brought up to standard with today's trends.

  1. The colour scheme was chosen to allow featured artwork to stand out regardless of the colours used in the composition (featured artwork could be chosen from a monthly illustration contest). The colour scheme is however open to change.

  2. The feature section was designed as a content slider, so that when the icons below are hovered/clicked, the feature section fades in relevant text, background images and buttons. It is designed to give new users a quick idea of what Inkscape is, what it can do, where to get it, and how to use it.

  3. Content below the feature section is dummy content (I assume it would be dynamic widget-type content loaded by a CMS - introductions to content elsewhere on the site).

  4. A drop-down navigation system keeps the navigation clean and uncluttered. The sample links are based on the content outline here. A prominent "Donate" button was included to make it easy to support the Inkscape project.

  5. The overall design is meant to appeal to hobbyist and professional users, without being too masculine or too feminine. (The 2D illustration sector is not necessarily as masculine as the 3D illustration sector, so the analysis on "the typical blender user" may not apply.)

The design would be relatively easy and lightweight to implement - the gradients and rounded corners could be done in CSS, with non-CSS3-compliant browsers simply getting flat-colours and/or square-corners. jQuery (or other) plugins would allow the dynamic feature section, language switcher [link] and login [link]
I would be willing to make changes based on requirements, usability, content, etc.

Wow! What a huge description. Clarity is everything I guess.
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rajasegar Feb 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really cool
why it is black? someone died? inkscape died? inkscape is a application for drawing negative things? good typo in this design, but colour is wrong imho (((
Hehe, woah yeah I didn't know black meant dead. :-) The colour scheme is meant to allow the featured artwork to stand out without getting in the way. Plus it's mostly white actually...
oxygenius Jan 25, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'd suggest using the jQuery Corner plugin instead ([link]), because it offers fall-back to browser native corner rendering, if available. And if not, it fixes that CSS 3-not-available-problem quite good ;)

cu, w0lf.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let the site developers mull over it. :-)
I'm surprised the designer is opting for CSS3 rounded corners without a fallback for older browsers.

It would be relatively easy to implement a conditional stylesheet to at least accommodate users on windows xp and vista accessing the site through their systems default browser Internet explorer. The conditional statement would only affect IE users without CSS3 technology. Using background position and css sprites for just the corners would only affect loading for those users, and I imagine the impact would also be minimal.

I like the current site a lot actually. This is a nice design too, congrats on working on such a great project.
Yeah it's easy enough to include conditional stylesheets but personally I don't really think it's necessary - the round corners aren't 100% essential, and people who don't have them won't miss them. Square corners don't look so bad! :-)

But no one said the design HAS to be implemented in CSS3 - the web site development team can pretty much take their pick of methods.
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